How to build your own 7 Figure Online Business Selling Art

How to build your own 7 Figure Online Business Selling Art

Create your own Online Shop: This is how it Works!

Is Modular System Shop proper decision for your 7-Figure Online Business Plan?

If you want to create your own online shop as a founder, you have to choose a fast-growing e-commerce market. To successfully implement an internet shop, however, you must pay attention to a lot of things:

  • Which is the shop system suitable for my business project?
  • Which payment methods should I offer?
  • Who can help me if I want to create an online shop?eCommerce Business

Create an Online Shop with a Shop Kits

The e-Commerce trade is booming: The share of online sales in the total retail volume is growing continuously, and e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Otto & Co. increase their sales from year to year. So it’s clear that founders and young companies want to get their piece of cake in e-commerce sales. Therefore, many people take a courageous step: they create their internet shop. Now, you have to realize that a lot of careful thinking has to go into building your online shop, especially important is how you design the online store layout of your future business.

The easiest way leads through Strato or Jimdo, which are the largest providers of so-called shop-kits. With shop construction kits, you can create an online Store without any programming knowledge. The way from the idea to your shop is surprisingly simple: You sign up with one of these providers for a monthly fee, which is depending on the range of functions. In the backend of the online shop, necessary settings such as the design, the choice of the payment system and shipping methods must be set if you want to create the internet store. After that, product images will be uploaded, article descriptions and prices will be deposited, and as a shop owner, you will be able to guide the first customers onto your platform. Creating an Online Shop for such a shop building kit is therefore not a rocket science. But for whom are such shop construction kits suitable? Founders with little capital, a low number of products and little technical know-how should consider shop building kits as a serious alternative if they want to create an online shop. However, such modular systems also have serious disadvantages, which are shown below.

Disadvantages of the Shop Construction Kits

If you create your own online shop and want to develop a professional e-commerce company in the long term, then shop builders are not always the first choice. They have too many limitations compared to conventional online shops so that efficient marketing will become very difficult, especially with a larger number of products. They could be a good start point towards your 7-figure Online Business Selling Art. However, after a while, some more effort will be required.

There can be a lot of problems when you create your online shop with a modular system: The number of possible payment methods is often limited, the standardized search and filter functions of the shop aren’t on the high level, and special design adjustments are often not possible. Also, some of these shop kits do not meet (sometimes) complex legal framework of online trading, which may even lead to warnings for the self-acting shop owner. Therefore, think twice whether you want to create your online shop with a modular system.7 Figure Business for Success in Internet Sales

For Professionals: Create Online Store with the right Software

If you want to create an Internet shop and get your own 7-figure Business Model with you as a full-time self-employed, then you should think on a long term. Therefore it can make sense to use a professional shop system right from the beginning. Although, you usually have higher start-up costs, the advantages outweigh such as, for example, freely design, large selection of payment methods and customization options for almost all functions. So if you plan to achieve annual sales beyond the $30,000, it is advisable to create an Online shop with a real shop software. You will be able to read more about Best Professional Shop System in one of our next posts. Don’t miss it!

And by the way, here is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before starting 7-figure Online Business: How to win customers for your Internet shop through Online marketing? We will cover that in one of our next articles. So keep on reading us. Find more here: and here:


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100k Factory Digital Art History and eCommerce Revolution

3Pipe Reveals The Digital Art History Revolution

The Getty Research study Institute (GRI) remains to lead by instance in the field of digital art history, sustaining a number of distinct electronic initiatives, in addition to fostering international conversation on the subject via post and also social media. Previously this week, the GRI held a Digital Art History Lab, chaired by Murtha Baca, the institute’s head of digital art history access with 100k factory revolution. Get more information here:


Along with the article summarising topics offered at the laboratory, the Getty Count on also organized 2 “hangouts” (video seminars) on the Google+ social networks platform. These can be watched below. I have consisted of a short-form summary of individuals’ declarations in the notes below each video. These summaries were contacted supply a prompt and also obtainable message version of the conversations as transcripts or closed-captioned videos are not yet available. In this instance, I determined that one of the most effective means to cover a Google+ hangout was to report it in the manner of a liveblog. Some added commentary and also relevant web links comply with the summaries of 100k factory revolution review.

A crucial information made during these discussions was that a great deal of art historical job already has an electronic element. eg. computer based collection catalogue searches and e-mail interaction with associates are some of the more common kinds of electronic practise for eCommerce purposes.

However, the full extent of “digital art background” and their eCommerce background may not be realised until systems exist which make it possible for reliable cooperation and also magazine of projects. Preferably, these would be broadly made use of in academia and also beyond. Such systems would certainly not just facilitate a reliable joint process for scholars as well as trainees, however likewise enable communication with individual organisations eg. galleries and also galleries, along with have a function or job objective that can be accessed by the public.

Some examples of this do exist, with showcase type jobs and also setups at museums being archetypes – such as the Cleveland Gallery of Art’s Gallery One (see video listed below). The realisation of this project would have needed a high level of cooperation between gallery staff, art chroniclers and also a technological team with experience working in this eCommerce market. Find more about here:


While outstanding, realising a job such as Gallery One requires a substantial expense of sources. Probably one of the much more essential realisations concerning the usefulness of electronic art history projects is that not all should call for “job mode” reasoning, or a big grant and crew of individuals. Existing material management systems (wiki, drupal, joomlah, or other publishing solutions including blogging platforms) may hold the answer for a smaller sized scale task to be understood with lower costs as well as provide a less difficult knowing contour compared to developing systems from scratch for each and every project.…

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