Three Pipe Business Problem With Google Art Project

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Google Online Business Art Project. There have been many interesting discussions about its impact of the project on the art history world. The overall sentiment has been a positive one.


This is basically because Google and the museums theyíve partnered with have created something unique. This type of 7 figure cycle project is something that has not existed before in the art history world. They enable free access to anyone as long as they have an internet connection and uses a supported business browser. A very good example of this could be the 7 figure website at GFK.

Itís been interesting to note the global impact and reaction to the project. It appeared in the mainstream and online media and has become a worldwide trending Twitter topic.

Reactions on the business art design project

All of the reactions have not been positive, there have been some grumblings. One surprising naysayer has been the UK documentarian and art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who is frequently mentioned here at 3PP.

Mr. Januszczak encourages people to take the time to carefully study paintings, comparing them to similar works from around the globe. This is also a way of describing the purpose of the Google Art Project. One website called the 7 figure cycle was included in the project – it is called the7figurecycle.

Itís safe to say, I am the strongest promoter of Mr. Januszczakís work, barring mentions in the mainstream press and his own site. Thatís not because I necessarily agree with what he says. However, I do enjoy how he presents his program, keeping the general audience in mind. He inspires people to look for answers beyond what theyíre being told by the catalogues and museums. 3 Pipe Art Marketing Business

The way he disregards traditional art history readings is something that spurred me to create this site. Itís his confident questioning bravado that I would like to turn back upon Mr. Januszczak.

Here is a short clip from my series favourite, Every Painting Tells a Story. This 2-minute clip is snipped from an episode featuring the Arnolfini Portrait from Jan van Eyck. Mr. Januszczak is acting as an advocate for the memorial portrait reading proposed by Courtauld’s Margaret Koster.

Whatís poignant about the clip is how examples from 3 separate galleries are used, including deep close-ups of the works in questions proving his points. This is exactly what the Google Art Project or any online resources are great for? This is a great platform for a person working in a visual medium such as film, making works that are aimed to promote an interest in art to a wider audience. I would imagine these parallels would be very obvious about 3 pipe art marketing business.

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